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                        Meet Obama's Foreign Policy Adivsors

                        February 11, 2008

                        ALLAN NAIRN: Well, Obama's top adviser is Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski gave an interview to the French press a number of years ago where he boasted about the fact that it was he who created the whole Afghan jihadi movement, the movement that produced Osama bin Laden. Need some help with your college papers? Don't hesitate to visit Weeklyessay. And he was asked by the interviewer, "Well, don't you think this might have had some bad consequences?" And Brzezinski replied, "Absolutely not. It was definitely worth it, because we were going after the Soviets. We were getting the Soviets." Get help only from professionals at Myessaywriting.com. Another top Obama person.

                        AMY GOODMAN: I think his comment actually was, "What's a few riled-up Muslims?" And this, that whole idea of blowback, the idea of arming, financing, training the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets, including Osama bin Laden, and then when they're done with the Soviets, they set their sights, well, on the United States.

                        ALLAN NAIRN: Right. And later, during Bill Clinton's administration, during the Bosnia killing, the US actually flew some of the Afghan Mujahideen, the early al-Qaeda people--the US actually arranged for them to be flown from there to Bosnia to fight on the Muslim/NATO side. Dissertation writing is complex, but we at Thesishelpers.com make it easy

                        Another key Obama adviser, Anthony Lake: he was the main force behind...

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                        Less Jobs. More Wars.

                        February 9, 2008


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